Gingrich: Trump should illegally hire his relatives, profit from inside dealing, and then pardon them


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Just because one has the ability to do something, that doesn’t obligate one to do it.


Just because ya can, doesn’t mean ya should.


But of course, I know that so many folks don’t think that could possibly apply to them. Just putting in my tw…oh wait, don’t have that much, never mind.


Well, he’s not wrong, he’s just an asshole.


I don’t think pardons work like indulgences.

You can pardon someone for what they’ve done, but I don’t think you can pardon them for something they’re going to do, or are currently doing.


Don’t worry, if Trump does as Gingrich suggests, he’ll just be impeached, and then Mike Pence will pardon him à la Gerald Ford. We most certainly got them checks and balances fo sure!

EDIT: I was being sarcastic. You should definitely worry.


Yeah, the GOP will impeach Trump…


He won’t have to bother with the pardoning bit because he won’t ever get charged with anything under the GOP.


Look, even if you people think that having a President in the White House who works only to enrich himself, settle personal grudges using the massive power of state under his control and who surrounds himself with various kooks, cronies and kids (to the point that pre-pardoning people is considered a serious idea and not a late night show punch line), I think we can all agree that it’s better than having a President who’s bad at email.


And then we’ll have President Pence.

Out of the frying pan…into a pot of boiling water.


Out of Calligula, into a Handmaid’s Tale



Gingrich is a character out of Dickens, so consumed with bitter hate and contempt for his fellow citizens that he’s dedicated his life to destroying from within the institutions that provide them with support and peace.


Can Trump pardon himself?


I dunno, I have a hard time imagining him say thank you, please or pardon…



These guys give shitweasels a bad name.


If the base starts to hate Trump the Congress would be happy to impeach him in a heartbeat. Most of the Congress utterly loathe Trump, they just can’t do anything since the base loves Trump and merely tolerate them. If the base realize they elected a lying con man who won’t deliver anything he promised he’ll be out fast and hard. The base are incredibly stupid, though, and might love daddy-Trump more when he abuses them.


I have zero faith in the GOP doing a damn thing until it’s politically expedient.

In 2018 the Democrats might take back Congress. 24 seats needed?

They’d need a 2/3rds majority in the Senate to convict though, I think, and I don’t think they could even get there in 2018 if they won every Senate seat up for election (and they won’t, they’ll almost certainly lose seats).

ETA: nope, absolute best case is 54 Senators, and half their sitting Senators are up for re-election.

Isn’t it awesome that we’re already hoping for an impeachment before the man even takes office. Who’s feeling good about how the next 4 years will go?


Oh, let’s us indulge him, shall we? gags


Yup, not even when he farts!