Any sincere theory of property rights would bankrupt the energy sector


Perhaps even more apropos than the causally convoluted carbon emissions issue, (complexifed by attribution difficulties inherent to gasses) :



that is NOT how reflections work



HOW DARE YOU suggest right-wingers adhere to a self-consistent narrative!!!

I started out from a position where I was going to blame the consumer for joining the tango. BUT the global climate change model has been a thing for many decades now, and the energy companies have spent outright billions to suppress any efforts to do anything about it. The fact that it’s an indisputable fact of reality AND YET there are still enough hoodwinked idiots out there who deny it shows the effectiveness of wedge issue propaganda.

These energy company assholes MUST pay for any and all damages.



I was indoctrinated as a kid in public school, about the wonderfulness of the limited liability corporation. No matter how badly such a legal entity were to screw up, the worst that could happen to it, would be bankruptcy. And the individual humans making those bad decisions could walk away, their personal fortunes intact.

It somehow never came up, the theoretical limits to the damage such an LLC could accomplish before finally being liquidated. Enron was able to do quite a bit, as I remember.

But even so, the private property rubric is still a mighty weak way to conceptualize the damage being done. You and I do not own the plankton that generate the bulk of the oxygen we breathe. We don’t own the atmosphere. We might own shares in a company that gathers water, but we don’t own the weather systems making that water available to such a company.

For-profit medicine is showing Usians what a bad idea it us to manage life support as if it were capital.

If this lesson has not been learned yet, invoking the sacred rites of Private Property is not going to help.o



Eminent domain
squashed the Libertarian’s
fervent dreams
of property rights



Energy consumption per capita is roughly double in the USA compared to Europe, although the level of development and the standard of living are not vastly different. Europe has higher taxes on energy, so there is that.




Yes. Significant amounts. Both in large scale (for example, coastal regions) and individual properties.

Remember, this also covers things like being able to light the water coming from your kitchen faucet on fire in Pennsylvania, thanks to fracking for shale gas.



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