Anyone here have any home level networking tinker experience?

Well What I’m wanting is I dunno how odd it is but I have a tablet, I plan on getting a networked drive, an old desktop, and an old laptop.

All in suburbia right now.

Trying to figure out what I can do with these things other than ‘hey let’s hook it all online.’

I’m bored and am trying to figure out things I can do, like turn the laptop into a thing the tablet talks to directly or connecting to the laptop from the tablet and from there to the home network.

Basically looking for things I can do with what I have as hobby projects.

I’ve got most of that kit and have the network drive attached to the modem/wifi router set as a media server? Really no expert, but you should be able to get all of them to talk to each other as an ad-hoc network without the wifi modem (I think. Experts here will tell me if this is wrong!)

What did you have in mind? Media server for movies anywhere? Retro gaming laptop? Something more nuts-and-bolts?

No real end goal so much as 'O have these things that are without question Mine. I need some kind of theoretically might fall under useful knowledge project.

I got all my devices talking to one another, and they stopped talking to me.


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