Anyone here write Interactive or Hypertext Fiction?

I put this here instead of in Games because I always figured ‘games’ was for things in the BBS or to link to games as opposed to ‘hey who here writes things?’

I’m kinda currently mucking about in Twine. Not sure if I’ll share the end product or not or if oit’ll actually have branching paths or if all the links will just be to add descriptives, expand on offhand remarks, or the like.

I know, not the ‘best’ use, but I like its thread mapping component.

Well that and that it outputs to HTML and I can dump it on Neocities for people to play. On the other hand I haven’t tried embedding sound or graphics, which as I understand is kinda difficult in twine 2.x as opposed to 1.4.


When I was a kid, I made an IF game on the Amstrad CPC using an app called Graphic Adventure Creator. It was great! GAC, that is, not my game. my game was total arse.


On of my long-mothballed projects is to try and make a minimalist but art-focused IF game (and maybe engine).

320x, “standard 16-bit”

Or even 160x100


I fiddled with browser-based Twine after the end of NaNoGenMo last year, but haven’t written anything really in it. My predilections would trend towards the non-narrative, anyway.

There were a couple of interesting (and a couple of non-interesting) Twine based projects.

I’m very interested in trying it, but I haven’t gotten around to it. My only game writing experience was crappy AI and bouncing ball games in BASIC. Absolutely would love to hear how you’re using Twine.


IF is loosely aligned with generative art/text, so if anybody’s interested, I’m an admin of the Generative Art slack.

Sign-up page:


I’ve completed making a Twine thing. I hesitate to call it a game. You can make games in it but most of the community for it is making things that might be better described as interactive art.

I do have a plan to make one that’s an actual game.

Anyone who has an idea that’s more ponderous, text heavy, etc should definitely give Twine a shot.

But do consider outside the game box. It really shines at story telling without game elements.


Has anybody read Videogames for Humans: Twine authors in conversation ?

It looks interesting (the inevtibale “but” rests solely on the size of my un-read stack, and the mountain of un-done projects).

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I haven’t but since the digital version comes with Twine games and there are multiple formats for the ebook, I’m pretty intrigued. I’ll have to give that a go at some point in the nearish future.

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