How Twine revived interactive fiction

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Definitely the learning curve is a little steep (but not terrible). I’ve downloaded it and have been meaning to learn it with an eye towards deploying some cool interactive fiction, but lack the time now to get deep into the features I need to do the things I need to do.


Other than being mostly text-based, I don’t really see much similarity between Twine and classic text adventures/interactive fiction from fabled developers like Infocom. Instead, clearly the inspiration for Twine, for better or worse, was the Choose Your Own Adventure books.

But there really is a tool for making classic text adventures – Inform. And in its latest incarnation of Inform 7, it actually is fairly accessible and more like writing prose than computer code.

I like inform a lot , but I have to be honest, it’s a bit kludgy and hard to deliver products using it. Twine is a different beast and can be very, very customized, and I kind of think it’s where interactive fiction is going. What I’d really like is an easy way to make the Fallen London type IF games.

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