Anyone know anything about selling domains?

Hey, so I own a domain. It’s a six-letter .com made of two snappy three-letter english words, easily said, memorable and brandable.

I got a message from GoDaddy’s domain buying service saying someone wants to buy it and got a low four-figure offer. I’m thinking of countering, but for two things: I don’t know how much it’s worth, and I also own the corresponding .net and twitter account, which can’t be negotiated into godaddy’s dumb “ACCEPT” or “NO” thing.

Who out there can tell me what the fuck I should do? I don’t want to put the domain anywhere googlable just yet (paranoid? clueless?). PM me and I’ll tell you!

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I’m curious to know about this too. I had one domain that was pretty marketable that I let go, but I wondered how I might go about selling it when it was up for renewal.

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If someone is searching for that address through godaddy and they think they can make a $, why not advertise its availability (along with the twitter handle) on the actual address?

You might get the business direct.

oh, and be able to negotiate, possibly with more information than ‘someone wants this kinda’.


What miasm said. Put up a landing page with an email address inviting people to make an offer. Reply to broker service that you prefer direct inquiries. The people who wanted the domain will certainly be looking and can counter directly.

If it is a good domain it will only increase in value, so does not hurt to wait. If you got an offer for $3k you know it is probably worth more than that depending on who is asking and what kind of pocketbook they have.


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