Extorted out of a one-character Twitter ID by a hacker who seized control of Godaddy domains


godaddy: SOPA-supporting sellout scum who suck.

This should be the title of the post. If you reg domains at godaddy you also suck at operating a google.

@Boundegar you have to be behind like 7 proxies.

I guess I suck at hacking, because I don’t see how you do this without leaving a trail of clues a mile long.

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Fucking paypal… So quick to take your money but should you have a problem? Good luck pal…

I can’t believe anyone would accept the last 4 digits of a card as an ID. They are well known as being insecure.
The last 4 digits are printed on all my store receipts when I use a card. They are the ones that amazon (and most other online stores) will display for all stored card details so that you can identify the card you want to be charged.
What possible reason would you have for knowing the last 4 digits of a card and not the first 12? It couldn’t be a bigger red flag for identity theft.


I’m amazed someone will offer $50,000 for a Twitter username. If someone offered me $50K for mine, my only concern would be making sure I actually got the money.

This reminds me of a story I saw on BoingBoing yesterday.


I can confirm that GoDaddy is one of the worst hosting / domain registry options.

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