If websites were people


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GoDaddy is synonymous with the evil, in my humble opine.


But it’s funny evil!


Until they get ahold of your debit card info…


“I moved it, but I can’t figure out how to move it back.”

That’s giving me flashbacks to trying to write a single CSS sheet for all the browsers I expected to visit a site. Makes my head hurt all over again.


The Google+ joke was good. It definitely feels awkward when you accidentally wind up there.


“Wait! Come back…”

“God, I’m so lonely.”


Boing boing: Hey look at this stupid thing I found. Fuck it’s ugly…
So do you want to buy like twelve of them?


I kept waiting for the GoDaddy.com one. You know, where they squats domains, backs SOPA and posts videos of shooting endangered wildlife.


If I had a website now, I guess it would be like this:


Wow, I think this happens in real life as well.

…At least I’m pretty sure I’ve met 4chan.org

I’m not even going to go into how repulsive and horrible of a person he was.


You’re under attack from a Super Class-A Wizard hacker who’s far more powerful than you?


Once I put a website online, I probably am!


Maybe. Far more likely is that you’ll be getting probed over by a bunch of Ukrainian script kiddies and whatever bots they’ve managed to fabricobble together, along with other, more competent bots that require no human intervention or intelligence.

I gotta say though, of all the movies and franchises to depict it, GITS makes hacking look by far the coolest.


Actually Ifind the place nice to visit. Far moreso than facebook anyway.


I can’t be the only person who gets an actual ad with this video that automatically starts playing over the video itself. I assumed it was part of the joke until I realized it was for a local bank.

I have always been of the opinion that things that play automatically are fucked up.

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