AOC drags James Carville's ass on twitter over the loss in Virginia


James Carville has always seemed to believe that winning the election is the only thing that matters rather than seeing an election win as a means toward enacting policy that might actually improve society.

It’s nothing more than a sport to him. That’s why he’s able to happily share his life with a spouse who does exactly the same work for the Republican party. They don’t need to resolve their deep-seated political beliefs to make the relationship work because they don’t actually believe anything. It’s like they’re just coaches for rival football teams.


The public is mad because shit is fucked up because the GOP believes that failing to govern is working as intended, the DNC is hostage to two smeghead senators in their own party, and the pandemic continues to break things in new and frustrating ways… but sure, let’s blame the progressives!


A while back my father suggested my sister is, “One of those Woke types”.

To which I responded:

“What have you been letting him watch?? What does he learn these words??”


doctor who GIF

That’s Carville in a nutshell. If there is a mirror of the right on that, it’s him.


FYI, the Tweet that constitutes AOC’s “ass-dragging” of Carville:


She’s not wrong

Did I say she is?

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