AOC is going to Kentucky

This was more of a gestural idea. Would a neighbor really have to go to her office?
IIRC, congress critters aren’t supposed to accept gifts?
Aside from being white and male, I’m one of the “precariat” (US citizens in highly precarious circumstances) that she fights for. Though I appreciate her efforts to the fullest, I can barely afford to help myself right now. Hopefully, the progressives can change things for the better.

However, I can totally imagine Mitch McConnell (aka Wyrmtongue) thinking he needs a food taster, though.

ETA: No sooner had I typed out Wyrmtongue, my computer froze. That was fucking eerie. I think the eye of Saurpuss is on me.


I thought you meant neighbor as in in her district not literally in her apt co op :slight_smile:

But yeah, all the reps throw food out it’s kind of a known thing in DC since it’s a shame to waste a fruit basket. (Lawyers love sending fruit baskets)

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Has anyone told the congress critters that?


Those uh, aren’t gifts… They’re uh… samples. Yeah, samples to be tested to see if they would appeal to people in their district. Part of a marketing effort you see. Do people like valuable cars and funds being donated to totally non-affiliated PACs? These are important questions! These poor congresscritters are just trying to foster economic growth and you shit all over them for it? Shame I say. Shaaaaaaaame!

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