Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden, who circled moon, dies at 88

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With each passing of one our explorers, we lose a bit more of our collective memory…

Funny how many Americans now eschew science and fact in favour of lies and conspiracy theories.

Regardless of our nation’s current foibles, Thank you Al!


Unfortunately, this is going to keep on happening. We’re slowly losing the explorers who pushed back the infinite emptiness of space for a while.


Back when America produced REAL men and women of strength and courage. Sadly, we seem to be losing the virtues and daring that took us there. Maybe the next generation arising now will recapture some of that glory.

I think we still produce REAL men and women, it’s just that the unREAL men and women who are in power don’t value investing in furthering scientific and discovery focused pursuits. If there is no profit for the shareholders then there is no value is doing something. Unless that is you have enough of the money for yourself and can blow it on launching your shitty car into solar orbit under various pretences.

Since we now need a 50 state pork-barrel funding strategy for any space work, it will never really happen so much anymore, in my opinion.

Yet we are producing intrepid explorers like BRADY SLUDER
Dog save us all…

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