NASA just released 8,400 Apollo moon mission photos online


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definitely 'shooped! I can tell by the pixels dontchaknow…
Silly boingboing, St Ronald of Raygun faked them thar moon landings to bankrupt the commies
sheesh what are they teaching you kids in the skools these days?


thx BB thems some sweet sweet pics


At last, something that is actually 'wonderful. Far too rare these days


awesome collection of amazing photos and a tribute to what mankind is capable of achieving.


That’s one…snap for Man…

(Really, these are quite cool. I especially like the shots of the Lander Module. It seems cobbled together because they had to fit the important stuff and nothing else.)


Yes, very pretty and I’m thankful. But all of these pictures make me realize Nasa is being dumb. There should be a moon base so that we can test long term stays on another planet and all the tech that we will need to develop for Mars. The moon is the nearest testbed, and we are just not doing it right. It’s nearest, so we could sorta evac in event of bad events, with a few days trip instead of many months. We should be perfecting space exploration here in our back yard before thinking we can simply jump over to Mars and come back. Red flags in my book.


Not quite. Orbit is the nearest testbed, and the ISS is following arguably, in the proud tradition of Mir.

Is it time to graduate to habitation on Luna? I wonder if President Sanders’ ideology would move military funding to space exploration?

Anyway I know where Carly Fiorina wants to send more money.


I think NASA are doing it right with the ISS to be honest. Experimenting close to home means they can do their engineering in short (six month) iterations which are kept cheap (60 million for a Soyuz flight) by the short distances involved. Once the ISS is retired, its infrastructure and operational practices should serve as a good model for a cruise stage which can go to Mars in safety. I don’t believe anybody will land on Mars until at least one launch is demonstrated with a decent payload. Hundreds of kilos at least.


Shadow in frame when trying to take a landscape photo. Classic n00b photography blunder.


Last I checked, there is no terrain or gravity in orbit.


Nice shots of the final stage of the Up-goer 5 drifting away.


Did you feel that breeze?!
That was the collective effect of all those Conspiracy Theorists whipping out their magnifying glasses!


Anybody know a way to bulk grab all of these (or hosted somewhere else in a archive file maybe?) I think it would be cool to piece these all together in a quick animation. 8400 pics would be a lovely few minutes of space stuff.


whoa, you checked? can i go with next time?

…i guess it depends on what you mean by “in orbit”, the moon is in orbit of the earth, the earth is in orbit of the sun, etc.


Flickr’s API documentation:

This Chrome extension looks promising as well, since you can go to the NASA album, tell the extension to “view all” and then download all.

Personally, I’d just go there in Firefox and use Flashgot + DownThemAll to gobble up everything, then use a Regex to only select the “big” files ending in .jpg


These are absolutely outstanding. I have unicorn chasers for a while now.


I’m kind of surprised they let them shave in space.

They couldn’t shower and they were pooping in bags for a week, so it doesn’t seem like a shave would do much for their comfort levels. Meanwhile you’ve got lather and hairs potentially flying around the cabin.


Thick enough lather ought to stick together in a glob. But yeah, why the hell would you shave if you can’t shower? It makes my whole general collar area itchy just thinking about it.


By page 4 of 90 they’d just gotten bored and started screwing around with the Instagram filters.


Ok, haha. Last time I checked LEO, there was no terrain or gravity. I tested this scientifically by ocular estimation through the fenestration. You are welcome to visit anytime to practice this type of rigorous science, but you will need to bring approximately 24 aluminum cylinders full of fermented barley juice, chilled to 5 degrees C.