Appeals court to Donald Trump's FCC: "Drop dead."


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I suppose that considering Trump’s agenda, we should be happy that he seems to be unable to appoint even minimally competent looters to implement it.


You can have pirates, or you can have cronies, you can’t have crony pirates.


But…something, something… the best people…something, collusion is not a crime… and, um, Aijit Pai has a giant Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cup.


All the winning must be killing the Trumpanzies…


sorry, I forgot to “dot the eyes”


So, what next? SCOTUS, perhaps? I mean, it’s not completely stuffed with right wing arseholes, is it?


But the King has named me Duke of Telecom, you insolent judge!


I literally just saw this Eric Idle video, and feel it is appropriate: NSFW language, I’m afraid.


Trump did appoint someone competent. But Pai’s “competence” is in kissing Trump’s butt, not in thought, sense, rationality, or being human.


I enjoy picturing Pai actually laying down some version of a card, ideally a joker, with Trump’s mug on it and yelling out, “BOOM!”

Now I’m thinking of designing a “Trump” card when I have some spare time.

I hope this is one of many future losses for Pai yet to come.


Just like what Aijit Pai forgot to do!


I liked the “dot the eyes and cross the tees” part. If you’ve ever used the word “aitch” in Scrabble, and everyone goes, That’s not a word! And you tell them it’s the name of the letter H, you enjoyed this too.


Maybe I’m the only one pedantic enough to care (wouldn’t be the first time).
Ajit forgot to dot his ies.
Cory misremembered to dot his eyes


Do remember if you please
To dot the Ayes and cross the Tees;
Simple things can mystify
If you don’t cross the Tee and dot the Aye!


The Supreme Court is not going to waste its’ time with this blatant drivel.

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