Apple AirPods on sale on Amazon for $145

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Looks like a snail that’s angry because it lost its shell and had to replace it with a box.


You buy Apple because you explicitly want to pay more. Why would you want to pay less?


You do? I frequently buy Apple’s stuff either at a discount, refurbished, or on sale, like this.


I buy Apple because my stuff from Apple was cheaper in the long run. Apple equipment has always lasted longer. For example, i am still using my iMac from 2010 and have yet to feel like it needs replacing, since replacing the original hard drive with a SSD one.

This may be why Apple is making it harder to self service their devices, because Apple owners historically have a much longer replacement cycle.

Which is kind of moot when considering this accessory. Things like this really do defend their price by being the best integrated with existing equipment. Either you buy them when you get your iPhone, or you replace an existing pair.


they are practically giving them away


$145? Is that a typo?

No? Fucking hell… :dizzy_face:


When Apple has sales, they raise the price so that the lucky believers can pay more!


apple doesn’t have sales

Usually not. They have price maintenance agreements with all their resellers to ensure that there’s never a very big discount on their stuff. But hidden away at the very bottom of their web page is a link to their clearance, reconditioned, and refurbished store. Where you can get things for about 15% off, sometimes more.

I see your 2010 iMac and raise you a Toughbook, model 2005, bought 2007, still up an running win7 after replacing the battery and the HDD with a SDD.

I just quit a MBP 2018 this week. (And my job.) And I won’t shed a tear, except for the fact that it was quite nice to have several ports to plug the power cable in. (Compared to the magentic connector, however… Well… Not really a step forward?)

Apple equipment has always lasted longer.

Ha. Ha. Two words. Lightning. Cable.

I’m kinda an Apple guy. I like that their products are nicely integrated and easy to use but I’m not a fanboy. I absolutely hate their ear pod design though. They don’t fit right and they hurt my ears. They constantly fall out during exercise.

I really like the Samsung IconX though. Love that the controls are built into the buds and the new models have much better battery life than first gen. With some Comply foam tips these are my favorites.


Powerbook 1400c. With a 20 GB HD, and an aftermarket battery which still charges. Good keyboard, but a bit heavy for portable work these days. Before selling it, the IIgs was still working, too.

Where do I … accept my prize for whatever this is?


Ok… What software runs on THIS today?


I’ve partitions for System 7.6, OS 8, and OS 9. It also has one of the last releases of MachTen.

Oh, I should mention it has the G3 upgrade from Sonnet and the full complement of 64 MB of RAM. Works fine with an ADB Wacom tablet and still runs Photoshop, Fractal Design Painter, Extreme 3D (née Macromodel) and MacRenderMan, all validly licensed. I used to use it for making textures for 3D, but nowadays I just use BBEdit whenever I fire it up.

Bought it on sale!

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That sounds like a solid investment.


Apart from the occasional jog, as a homeworker who rarely commutes, I don’t use any kind of headphones very much, so I haven’t had a need to buy these. But if I was a frequent headphone user, $145 would be a steal for these. AirPods are top of the line wireless headphones with integrated Siri and mics, and the newest iOS update lets them effectively act as hearing aids when amplifying sound is needed. They’re well worth the price.

These seem ridiculously expensive for what they are. $50, maybe.

I’ve so far managed to avoid mentioning it wearers in public; but I cannot shake the fact that they look a lot like cigarette butts protruding from the ear canal when inserted.

It’s like a brief flash of suppressed crustpunk influence snuck unnoticed among the endless and unbroken curved forms of Ives’ reverie.

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