Apple and IBM to hook up for enterprise iOS




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This is really amazing 11th dimensional chess from Apple - anticipating the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) shift in corporate computing and eating Microsoft’s lunch AND Research-in-Motion’s dinner.


I think Xiaomi is about ready to eat Samsung’s breakfast so that just leaves someone eating Taco Bell’s 4th meal and the various snacks and coffee breaks and we’ll have a whole new nutrient consumption paradigm.


as long as i get the hella-peño burger munchie meal, we’re good.


I still hold out hope for IBM’s launch of the zPad with embedded 390 processor


Can you be so kind as to explain it to those of us who are confused (hopefully I’m not the only one) ?


perish the crimethink


IBM and Apple’s last joint venture in the 90’s…
Apple, IBM hope Taligent will carry them into new century

Taligent: What Went Wrong? - grimes.pdf


An article on mobile and they use flash video. :neutral_face:


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