What Apple should have launched: The iToilet and MacTini


this soo reminds me of the 1999 iBrator parody of the iMac commercials… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqN6749QqtA

the Colors Imac original commercial - for those who may not remember it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQFBKQ3kmKg

Or the Onion’s famous MacBook Wheel, suggesting that the future of computing was to get rid of the keyboard and mouse and just have an original iPod style wheel interface.

Apple toilet? You mean the iPood?

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I still think that with the right UI, the Mactini could be a hit.

Is this a tool for training kids to sit on the toilet backwards?

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I think what you mean is frontwards…
“Why else would they put a little desk there for you? You can read your comics, and put your juicebox there.” --Butters

I want print-on-demand Bono toilet paper! I would love a nice U2-ply.

“I will buy almost anything if it is shiny and made by Apple”

They actually did that in the 90’s. The Laptop iMac/ibook.

don’t forget about the iRack

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Since we’re here.

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