Apple patents "that made people lose their minds"

Originally published at: Apple patents "that made people lose their minds" | Boing Boing


Oops! All Arrow Keys!
Appletron 2040 dual-trackpad desktop layout. Three-finger 'em!
“Vayland-Hootani” Medical Console
Endless ‘cheese’ cheeto keyboard, with spice bar
Shake-to-deny-water-damages feature
Phone/iPad/Mac Mini/Pencil edge is a vape pen all the way around [or grippy IRL]
Sticky floor emulator [iGumShoe]


I don’t agree that the first patent is dumb or impractical at all. A modern iPhone has more than enough processing power to function as a basic laptop, and having a relatively cheap external screen and keyboard that cleanly integrates with it for applications where you need to do a lot of typing would be great. I suspect the reason they didn’t do it was that they don’t want to cannibalize their existing laptop sales by selling an inexpensive alternative that would meet the needs of many people.


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