Apple and Samsung finally settle 7-year patent dispute over claims of 'slavishly' copied iPhone design


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Meanwhile, the models of phones that were the source of the beef has been discontinued by both parties. So the lawyers also won that one.



In the old days, it was “Justice delayed is justice denied”

But, I don’t know what our next supreme court justice Judge Judy will say about this…


And the especially stupid thing is that Samsung has been one of Apple’s major suppliers for things like touchscreens. Maybe Apple finally figured out that they might be cutting their own throats. But, as usual and already pointed out, it’s the lawyers who win.



That sort of lawsuit is Apple’s way of saying “That Samsung Galaxy S phone is just as good as an iPhone 3GS”.


iPhone is just a rip-off of MyDevice by MyOrigo.




Aaahrg! The eyes! THE EYES! Aaahrg!

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