Samsung gives up on exploding cellphone, withdraws Galaxy Note 7 for good


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Things like this are why I stick with my Sports Illustrated football phone.


It’s a shame, because in all other respects, it’s a fantastic phone. And before anyone starts to feel smug, remember that Apple has more than its share of products that have burst into flames.


I don’t recall any iPhones spontaneously combusting en masse.


Apple make other things besides phones. Just one of many examples. But they make phones as well.

And you might want to look up what “en masse” actually means.


I hope that someone comes out with a phone with integrated stylus. I liked my Note 2 and still like my Note 5, so I hope there is an option by the time I need to upgrade.

Its definitely better when the tech isn’t explode-y, though.


Cute! I know what it means, thankee.

So far the “exploding iPhones” are quite firmly in the ‘bandwagon-jumping rumor’ category and unconfirmed. Bit of a coincidence that they’d be reported right after Galaxy Notes started having issues reported in the media. And the Beats Pill isn’t an Apple-made product.


I’d love to see Wacom(or equivalents, historically they were pretty superior to the competition, maybe some mixture of innovation and lapsed patents has closed the gap) get more love in ‘mainline’ Android.

Good stylus input has some very handy uses; but Samsung’s approach to software…is other than confidence inspiring.

I’m a trifle surprised that Wacom hasn’t been more active about trying to shove “Stylus! Not just a hideous relic of resistive-screen WinCE nightmares!”; but perhaps a semi-exclusive with Samsung is better business, or Google doesn’t care.


I can accept such a non-effective product recall from a car company, but I expect more from a tech company



Time to buy Samsung stock—they’re having a fire sale.


If only Samsung hadn’t been so intent on copying Apple stupid feature for stupid feature, including non-removable batteries. If the batteries had been removable, as with my older Samsung Note model, much of this could have been avoided and they could concentrate on issues with batteries rather than entire expensive phones.


I love my Samsung GS7, I can’t stand Apple products for a bunch of reasons, but ahhh, no, Apple products are well made and they haven’t had an issue ANYTHING like this.

Withdrawing the Note 7 is Samsung’s only option now, that device will kill someone if left on the market, and it is without question the biggest mobile device fuck up I have ever heard of.

Enough that it will damage Samsung for a while, and probably android along with it.

Apple will get a big boost out of this, and if I am honest it is not without merit.


I’m still using this -

Smart-phone? What is smart-phone? :confused:


I desperately want to feel some schadenfreude here, but I’m actually saddened by this news.

While I’m deeply entrenched in the Apple market and wouldn’t even consider changing to Android, having high quality competing devices can only make things better for everybody.


I can’t agree that this issue has anything to do with Samsung copying apple, but everything I dislike about the GS7 is copied from apple.

Most notably the stupid button, I fucking hate that thing, and I thought Apple’s decision to get rid of it was absolutely the best thing they did with the iPhone 7.

They took one of the cleanest design elements from Android and threw it in Samsung’s face.


It does because copying Apple’s non removable battery design means they had to recall phones rather than batteries.


Agreed. When companies get too complacent they stop trying, innovation stalls, and consumers lose. The good thing is that this will hopefully spur Samsung and others to push really really hard for quality control in their manufacturers, the way Apple does, and not rush stuff through to get it to market without stringent testing.


As much as I agree that removable batteries are something I’ll always want in my phones I don’t think that would have saved the Note 7. I suppose they could have designed a lower capacity battery that fit in the available space but that would probably make the phone really undesirable.


Don’t worry, its replacement is just around the corner.