Galaxy Note 7 now banned from air travel


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I have a friend whose S6 caught fire recently. So be careful out there.


I didn’t get the Note 7 , but only because I JUST got my note 5 (upgraded from note 2). I fucking love doodling with my stylus. Until apple makes a phone with an embedded stylus, you can pry my samsung out of my hot, smoking, disembodied dead hands


Now THATS customer service. :wink:


I’ve got a Galaxy 7 Edge, and I’m going to be flying internationally in a few months; I don’t have to get a new phone first, do I? (Logistics would be a pain)


You should be fine. I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, which looks similar to the Note but fortunately doesn’t say “Note” on it. I was flying last week and it got looked at carefully but no problems.


Man, miniaturization has gotten quite sophisticated. Just five years ago, I never would have believed you if you told me that I would soon be able to fit a Ford Pinto in my pocket.


ANY of them can catch fire. Any laptop or anything with a Lithium Ion battery can. Take your laptop or phone into the bathroom, puncture battery with one of those nice metal pens, bam wait for the flame to start.


And I specifically warned him not to do that!



Is… is that euphemism? It sounds like a euphemism… A compact package prone premature explosions when hit from behind?


As so often (cough), I’m ahead of the curve. My elderly HTC has finally died, and after much research I’ve gone for a Galaxy Note 4. Join me in the Great Leap Forward to 2014!


I think the current events show that this is clearly the safer position. I hail your obvious wisdom.


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