Apple blatantly rips off 2008 LG phone ad in latest iPad commercial

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Rob already boinged this topic:


I don’t see the ripoff mentioned, but otherwise, yeah, another reboing.

I wonder if this will cause the ad to be taken down, or will some money just be exchanged as apology?

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Does that minor difference make the exact same topic worthy of a second post?

So glad that you agree.


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making brass instruments both flat and sharp at the same time. :thinking:


Not illegal or even immoral to “rip off” ad concepts, is it? Why would any money be paid?

Gotta say, Sonny & Cher is a weird choice considering all the other musical terrain Apple has covered. But yes, that was so on-the-nose that specific items/shots were basically replicated (camera lenses shattering).

Wasn’t the first time Apple might have at least paid some attention to what LG was doing for years while they developed the iPhone.

For South Koreans, the Apple iPhone was a familiar sight when it came out, because LG’s Prada phone had already come out a year prior, evolved from the all-“glass” (plastic, probably) front with a slit for the earpiece, LG Chocolate.

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