Apple: 'Perspective' (video)


It’s much more reminiscent of Jobs’ positive portrayal of stealing.

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I was just going to say “it’s a phone!!!” But their commercial is way better.

Come on, anamorphic and viewpoint trickery like that has been used for decades in art installations and such. It’s just become more common as one-take videos in the last few years now that computer-controlled rigs can be moved on very precise paths.

The words did start to blur together into blah blah cool visuals blah in my brain after a while. Less is more guys. :slight_smile:

If you read the article, OKGO brought their video idea to Apple in April, which Apple declined. OKGO made their video independently, and Apple then went and hired the production company and director that OKGO used. Seems pretty slimy to me.

I read it and I agree it seems slimy. But whatever the backstage backstabbery involved, the technique itself was not OK GO’s to ‘steal’. It’s just arguably the most famous recent version of something pretty common.

I could come up with a dozen art and commercial video examples of varied notoriety that use it, and those are not stealing from each other either. Makes sense?

Guilt by perspective is hard to ascertain. Maybe it was just a technique Apple coincidentally used, but in the bigger picture it is difficult to believe in convergent evolution. It seems a bit insulting to then celebrate a company patting itself on the back for being different and innovative, while, possibly, using the work of other artists.

It was a great video, but it would have been better if the stream hadn’t kept dropping. Luckily, they gave me a chance to review my Chinese.

Hey Apple! Way to crib from OK Go.

Think different (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain).

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