Apple employees lose bag-search lawsuit

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Decision made by a man who hasn’t been a student in a long time.


Was anyone asked during testimony whether they needed to carry a bag to do their jobs?

I think if you’d ask most workers, they’d say they need some sort of conveyance to bring their laptop and/or papers home.


Maybe the Apple employees should start a Concealed Dildo Campaign. Surely, they can’t be forced not to carry a concealed Woody or Buzz around. It’s their constitutional right.


Or dated a woman, ever.


Or lunch?
I always brown bagged it when working retail, the food court is expensive yo!


Even that isn’t so clear cut.

I know some women who carry a wallet without any issues. (Before anyone asks how they can pull it off: I don’t know)

In suburbia, where everyone needs a car, employees who need bags for one reason or the other could leave those bags in their car. But of course that doesn’t work for big cities where public transit is the norm.

One solution seems somewhat obvious: Lockers outside of the secured area.

Does it have to be so hard? Give them a place to put their stuff away from the area where they have stealable items.

(Any Apple employees on here? Is the issue with this idea that there is no “secured area”, that the whole store is said “secured area”?)

Some companies, probably including Apple, have a strict “Your Work stays at work” policy. That half written software does not get leaked.

This ruling is stupid. Security isn’t a part of any commute.

Hm, when I worked at Apple, I would alway clock out after my bag check. (I brought my own lunch in my “My Other Job is For NASA” lunchbox.)

I think the policy of bag checks is stupid, especially with the number of cameras that are monitoring the store and back of house. I was a stock person and had unfettered access to all the tiny iThings and not once did they find anything other than one of those blue cooler things in my lunchbox.

I suppose, though, that they wouldn’t have such a problem with internal theft if they treated employees a little more reasonably. But that’s true for any retail company.


So they never figured you were stealing the blue cooler things then?


I’d recommend unionizing to secure some basic rights, but we wouldn’t want to bankrupt the job creators

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I know of people that got other people fired with bag checks.
Bags are not secure in the back, so if you hate someone else, its pretty easy to slip stock into their bag, and you don’t usually check your own bag before a bag check because you know you didn’t steal anyone… (moral of the story: check your own bag first!)


Nobody suspected a thing…

See the last sentence of the post.

When I worked at Apple (until about a year ago, and not at the Store) we took our laptops to and fro between home and work, and everyone had VPN access. I’m pretty sure they were delighted for people to be able to log in at all hours and pop on for a bit of extra weekend email responding/bug fixes/work. The last team I was on pretty much worked Mon-Sat and half days on Sun (and my manager wasn’t really pleased that I didn’t work Sat/Sun, though he couldn’t complain out loud). There also were never bag checks, though they were hard-core about everyone badging in separately (and Apple monitored searching bugs/Radar with a lot of scrutiny towards those peeking at future projects).

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Have we lost the ability to just say no? What if all the innocent employees said “If you want to accuse me of something and search me, then press charges and get a warrant”?

Of course, when you depend on a paycheck, that’s very difficult, but if all employees saw it as a matter of principle, and the company fired all the innocent employees who did, that would leave them with only the thieves.

Employers have changed their policies when I’ve said no to ridiculous demands before. I’ve also walked away from jobs when they wouldn’t. Not easy, but better than the alternative. It’s a retail job, there are plenty of others around, your dignity is worth more.


Sure, but it’s not like Apple can’t afford to fire and hire fresh an entire new workforce. Having upwards of $700,000,000,000 gives you a lot of options.

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