Apple Engineer El Risitas on the new 2016 Macbook Pro


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I had a dongle for an apple phone, but it refused to recognize my hardware so I decided we needed to see other people.


The 2012 macbook air is plenty thin for me. I loved apple laptop hardware, but I’m now buying chromebooks and putting linux on them. Chromebooks have usb ports, are way cheaper even adjusted for differences in chips, AND they still come in the 11" form factor which apple seems to be leaving behind. Done.


Those of us old enough to remember when Apple dropped the expansion slots on their machines (Apple IIc anyone?), or the RS485 ports, or the SCSI ports on their notebooks, or the floppy drives, PCMCIA ports, optical drives, etc… we’ve heard all of this before. Yet within a year the rest of the industry follows and does the same thing.

It’s all good. If you don’t want to buy a USB-C MacBook Pro today, that’s your prerogative. But I hope you like Thinkpads because in 2 years everyone else is likely to be all USB-C too. (And for the record, I do like Thinkpads :wink:


I have a pallet of useless cables from devices and connection “standards” long forgotten. If a new(ish) standard like USB-C can replace many different connectors and stabilise things for a while, I’m really not against the initial disruption. I’ll miss the SD slot for dumping my camera memory, though. It was nice not having to fetch the cable. Having said that, it’s increasingly likely my next camera will wirelessly sync my files to my laptop/cloud anyway.


I don’t dislike the new Apple machines, at all. My issue is that Apple could sell a bunch of nicely designed, relatively thin and light actual pro laptops that are 5 pounds and an inch thick. It would be a profitable machine, and a very useful machine. I don’t understand why they don’t bother with it.


It’s funny for the first 45 seconds.


It’s been a month since I’ve laughed hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. Thank you.

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