Apple invites press to New York for Oct. 30 event, here's what's predicted

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Wondering if MacBook updates mean they’re going to fix the MacBook Pro, or break the MacBook Air.


"There’s more in the making."

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To aid the nascent cannabis market, they will introduce the jPhone.


I want one.


I’ve seen many a prognostication regarding uogradeable/configurable Mac Pro desktops.


My prediction: It’s been exactly 25 years since the Apple IIe was discontinued and Apple is finally bringing back their most successful computer of all time.


Could have sworn they said “not this year” for desktops.

There was a time, back before Apple™ became just another large corporation, that I would have been excited about this. Now it’s more of a ‘Meh’.

What happened to you, Apple™, you used to be so cool?


“With my mind on my money and my money on my mind.”


Given the sheer number of logos provided in different styles I was hoping for a exquisite corpse like creation. Perhaps Apple’s glasses (or an employee created portal gun). From the standpoint of somebody that uses TTS, text-to-speech, I would really love a set of glasses that could read selected text. That is if the selection method is better than on the iPhone, and I hope that shake to undo isn’t a thing with any wearable product ever.

That said, I give you Rick and Morty’s Exquisite Corpse, which is what this particular advertising campaign brought to my mind first.


If they put out a new Mac Mini that still has room for inserting a second drive, I might be into it.


Wouldn’t hold my breath on that one…


But Tim will be there. I’m predicting that.
Now if this cable will just hold out for a few more minutes while I post this…

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I predict product.

I’m done with Apple.

I’ve been using Apple half of my life, from the Lisa, to the Macintosh. I owned a Plus, went via LC450, Quadra, to Bondi Blue, aluminum iMacs and magnesium iBooks and MacBook Pros. They all lasted long. Very long. Over a decade each. This included upgrades and repairs. But my latest iMac was considered an economic loss after just a few years, because everything is now soldered onto the motherboard. Consequenlty, any minor issue will now require a complete motherboard replacement. I’m done with Apple. I moved on to modular, state of the art graphics cards and higher frame rates.

Incidentally, I just stumbled upon this little thing: consumer almost scammed into a 1100-$ repair cost at the Genius Bar, where a local repair shop could fix the thing for free by pushing back a connector pin:

Needless to say: I’m already standing in line for not watching this press event.

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I’d be happy with a new mini of any kind. It can have the form factor of a piece of toast and a translucent rice paper case for all I care. Just some sort of physical manifestation of Apple’s claim that it isn’t dead,

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