Apple launches 24-hour streaming "music television" network that's definitely not the same as MTV

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In all fairness, MTV gave up the M part of their moniker decades ago, so this isn’t the worst thing ever.


“music television” network that’s definitely not the same as MTV

Exactly. MTV has not been the same as MTV for a very long time. Thus Apple’s isn’t, either.


They either should start with a Paul McCartney video or Video Killed the Radio Star.


Sounds like Steve Jobs’ ghost has been haunting Tim Apple to revive Ping.

Yes, I had to look it up to remember what that disaster was called.

… agree… its not terrible… the article could tone down the snark to maybe a “7”…


Spies Like Us__MTV satellite


Are you even old enough to remember when MTV was about music videos? Granted, I’m old enough to remember when WPIX went all music video for much of the summer back in 1970, but I’m seriously old.

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June 13, 1983


Further evidence that most “tech innovation” is just repackaging a thing that already exists and making it seem like a cool new thing for smartphones.

Except that it doesn’t already exist. MTV abandoned music videos a long time ago.

I’m all for a music video channel that plays music videos. My only complaint so far is that most of the videos are trying to be art films, and are nowhere near as good as videos from MTV’s heyday.


Has it been that long since UNKLE made “Rabbit In Your Headlights” and Apex Twin made “Windowlicker”?

Whoa. It has.

Most videos that I have seen recently are more packaged to run on bar and club TV screens, crafted to enhance but not distract from buying drinks and so on. Not so much for home viewing. There are some art films, but I like them for trying to be labours of love.

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