Apple sets date to plop our new iPhones

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Why was my first reaction to this story stony-faced numbness? I used to eat up Apple announcements with a big spoon, and now it had a duller emotional impact than seeing a new story from the BoingBoing Store.

It was like seeing a story about how Ford was announcing that it was going to make cars next year.


Wouldn’t count on Ford, if I were you.


I like you @SeamusBellamy

Another iPhone?


Save your money kids.


I think they are more or less discontinuing everything other than trucks, SUVs, and SUV crossovers…and the mustang? So “cars” if that is “a whole bunch of things that say Mustang”, or “no, just car” if “cars” is “different kind of cars”.

Er, and I think that is the five-is year plan. So, yeah, sure next year I also expect to see multiple cars from Ford…but in the near future? Not so much.

(and yeah, I agree with the point, hearing Apple will make so number of new phones in September is about as exciting as hearing that most American schools will be opening in September…I’ll still be interested to know what the new phones are, but “same as the other years”, yeah, not such big news)

No thanks. I think I’m going to hold out for the 8.7" omnidirectional triple-flanged donkey straightening armpit hydrometer.


The Ford Explorer is just a car, minus dealership smoke.

Sometimes I think the best trick the devil ever did was to make people think super basic stuff was “premium luxury”.

(I know it’s a sales category of its own, but no one is ever really going to say, “I was out walking and suddenly I got hit by a crossover SUV.”)

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I owned an early version and can confirm. They didn’t compensate for the extra weight when it came to the “car” brakes. I spent sooo much money on brakes.

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That actually seems legit helpful. Not an Apple user, but If my phone could take care of it’s little peripheral buddies, that would certainly make my day a smidge easier. Now to figure out how to get my 4yo to feed my 2yo breakfast…

I only pay attention to this stuff when I need a new one of these, and our current handsets are six years old now.

Actually, only paying attention now to see how low current iPhones are going to go for.

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Replacement is one thing, getting a raging hard-on over every new iPhone is a different thing.


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You can’t pretend there ain’t plenty of Android advocates who do exactly the same thing.

That’s the tech industry press, which only intermittently even mentions things which matter to folk like us, like Cintiqs or alternatives to Photoshop.

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Of all my Apple devices my iPhone is the most likely one not to last the day. My Watch runs out only under certain conditions and while I like my AirPods, I don’t use them hours without end, so they last too.

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