Apple silicon app compatibility guide

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Does this new Rosetta support my old PPC apps?


Just finished a game of subnautica on my mac mini. A better experience than on my imac 5k 2014.

PPC apps haven’t been supported since Snow Leopard (10.6).

I know! But I still have a crapload of data in Quicken 2003 on my 2008-era Macbook running Snow Leopard, and I MIGHT be convinced to get a newer Mac if I knew I could run Quicken 2003 on one of these M1 chips. I mean, how different can a PPC and an M1 chip be? RISC is RISC, right?

Or maybe I should just try to track down one of those elusive copies of Quicken 2007 that was actually ported to Intel so that I can try to convert my Quicken 2003 data into a format that my copy of Quicken 2009 for Windows can actually read. Or maybe I should give up since I haven’t used Quicken in about 6 years anyway and, frankly, am not missing much…

Completely different instruction sets. You’d have to do some sort of translation. Additionally it’s likely none of the substrates these PPC apps need exists anymore in Mac OS. That being said it’s probably possible to run an old PPC MacOS in QEMU if you were motivated enough.

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