Apple to fire about 200 workers at Beats


The jobs to be cut are in human resources, finance and other roles where there’s overlap between the two companies.

Looks like they forgot about Dre.


His only job was to double the selling price. The apple logo will do the same thing, so he’s probably gone too.


No idea why this is a story here (Is it a Wonderful Thing? Or surprising that redundancies follow from mergers/acquisitions?), but it is interesting that Microsoft “lays off” 18,000 while Apple “fires” 200. Different authors, I know, but interesting choices in terminology nonetheless.



The Wonderful Things requirement has not applied for years now.


Yeah, except as we all know, Dre gets hated on by bloggers with:

  1. no cheese
  2. no deals
  3. no G’s
  4. no wheels
  5. no keys
  6. no boats
  7. no snowmobiles
  8. no ski’s

That’s some serious hatin’, so glad to see he’s finally catching a break from Boing! Boing!


What surprises me is that they had 200 people in HR and finance in the first place.

I wonder whether the “other” really includes assembly line workers who will be replaced by Foxconn.

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Y’all are the reason Dre ain’t been getting no sleep.

200 people in HR/finance? Now that’s gangsta.

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From the looks of it, nobody there did any work anyway:

There’s a difference between fired and laid off. Actually, a huge difference - try putting “fired” on your resume.

I believe there is a Google Doc where you can be listed in your disapproval of BB postings.


I’m pretty sure Beats headphones have always been contract-assembled in China.

I believe there is one about me, too.


I’ll buy that load of pedantic trolling for a dollar.

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Has the recent wave of 80s nostalgia brought back Memphis Group design?

He doesn’t work there.

I blame it on El Nino.

Sad that as soon as the euphoria is at its peak about being acquired - 200 discover they just aren’t part of the equation. Probably about to happen at Time Warner as well.