Apple Watch purchases online only at first; reviews in


I look forward to seeing a bunch of people walking around New York with shattered watch faces.


I eagerly anticipate everyone yelling at their wrist. “Siri, find sushi! Sushi! Restaurant, sushi!”

Oh, wait, no, that’s going to be annoying as hell on the train.


I look forward to getting one of these so I can desperately try to put iOS 5 on it.

I don’t understand what a smart watch would do for me. But then I thought that about tablets too. And mobile phones.

I guess I’ll wait for Gen 2.

Also - good god, I hate the overwrought Verge ‘feature’ articles.

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I like me Pebble for when my phone is tucked away in a winter coat, or while I am driving… it allows me to see if it is worth digging my phone out or pulling over to answer… it also has quick replies, so with a button push or two, I can text back something like “can’t talk, driving” or a simple “yes” or “no”.

Of course, a Pebble is a whole lot cheaper for this kind of functionality.

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This raises a question about the legality of using a smartwatch whilst driving!

I really liked that video overview, but seriously, I had to shut it off at the 8 minute mark when Izzy Grinspan started talking.
Is there a millennial on the planet that doesn’t up-speak in a croaky voice? Jesus Christ.
Yea, like, right.
Holy shit.

About the watch - I like a lot about it, but not ready for my own prime time yet.

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Wimp. I’m shooting for Win3.1.

I have older friends who do it as well, but when I notice it, yeah, kinda annoying.

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Biosoft jacks behind the ear. Full Gibson or nothing!!!


I like to finish what I’m doing before dealing with someone that called, whether it’s driving or going to the movies or whatever. It’s nice to put that aside and work on my schedule.

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This is somewhere on the spectrum between a Shoe phone and Google Glass. As a fashion item, I’m not sure how broad its appeal will be. Can it be customized with different skins/faces like a regular iPhone?

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Wow. It’s like Steve Jobs is dead, but his Reality Distortion Field lives on.

“This tap language is a very cool futuristic idea which allows your brain to process digital information without your brain really being aware of it”.

Mmmm… That sounds familiar…

Does it pass the, “New to Smart Devices” test? Nope. Vybe for Android came out in 2013 (although seems defunct now)

I just keep seeing this in my head when I hear smart watch.



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Ridiculous |<--------------------------------------------------X----------------------->| Douchey

About there, would you say?


Congratulations on being old. I bet you complain to NPR about vocal fry too.

My favorite reason they give: Apple is becoming a high fashion company and don’t want grungy campers cluttering up the storefront. I remember a time when being an Apple user meant being a rebel. (Want me to tell you about all the bands I used to listen to before they sold out, too?)

I was born when LBJ was prez, so if that’s old, so be it.
But dude, come on. Everything about that girl’s voice is irritating as hell. I had to FF to the end. It’s so bad.
I’ve heard it before, but her’s was particularly annoying.