Finally, Apple Watch available in stores this month

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I came here to say: Meh.


Apple has a watch now?


Anyone want to take bets on what percentage of people will still be wearing their Apple watch after owning it for a year?

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Tough crowd.


Now that they’ll be on the loose / in the field, who will watch the watches?

Edit: in Latin, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Even as a long-time Mac user, I was skeptical. But this weekend we used the Apple store as a palate cleanser during an afternoon of shopping for clothing, and I decided to play with one.

Even without being able to really try out the functionality that requires pairing with an iPhone (which is most of the good stuff), I was really impressed. I went from “Maybe I’ll buy one in a couple years” to “Well, if the athletic data can be grabbed as a GPX file, I’ll probably get one before summer.”

“finally” rolls eyes

Time to get out my sleeping bag…

Just got mine this week, after ordering it about four hours after it was listed in the online Apple store. It’s quite nice. Very early impression is that it’s value is in all sorts of little quality-of-life improvements instead of one killer app.

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I’ve had mine for almost a month now and agree. The only “new” features are more precise activity tracking and the new communication options, which are quite nice once your friends start getting theirs. But the improvements in the interaction with already existing iPhone features really are almost worth the price in themselves. Get an email? Skim it and trash it without taking out the phone. Light texting? The suggested answers are often quite adequate and dictation does work like a charm.

What I like most though are the remote control features. When running or cycling I tuck the phone away and start fitness tracking apps and select music remotely without any hassle. When playing podcasts or music the Watch is often faster to use than the phone even when it’s within arm’s reach; indispensable when it isn’t. For the first time now I can control playback while showering!

The Activity app is not without benefits, of course; I started working out almost religiously since I got and feel much better for it. So yeah, answering “What can it do? What’s it for?” to people not familiar with it can be awkward, but all the little improvements it brings along make it an invaluable item to me. The Milanese loop is also fun to play with, even after a month! Looks great, too.

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We created a watch app component for our iOS app and got featured in the app store largely because of that, but looking at the stats, only 7 people out of one million registered users have used the watch app, and two of them are Apple testers, two of them are internal testers, and one was an investor in our company.

Hardly the rousing endorsement.

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Don’t be silly, they’ll be wearing the apple watch air

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