Apple's fine-print reveals a secret program to spy on Iphone users and generate "trust scores"

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How Chinese of them.

Seems to be a “fingerprint” based on how the user behaves with the phone. Eg. so if somebody’s kid picks up the phone they can’t click on the amazon app and order things.

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Could be a great deal worse… and usually is.

If you want to be pedantic, “all of time” is a fixed time.

And I would really like them to stop trusting me so that I’m forced to stop spending my money in the App store. See that foot you’re standing on there, Apple? Shoot it.


The original link says " Apple is quietly giving people ‘trust scores’ ". The implication of the current article is that apple are spying on people and giving people trust scores. Read the words from Apple - “device trust score”.

I’ll bet it’s a simple metric to see, as they say, approximately how many calls and emails the phone normally deals with and to treat the device as less trusted for financial transactions if it has been recently exhibiting abnormal behaviour. Not quite so scary if you start from the premise that Apple are trying to improve security rather than the premise that “Oh noes, the scary corporate is out to get us and subjugate us”.


No! It can’t be that. Because Apple is big and Corey is afraid of them, so it must be something Orwellian.


Yawn… Next article!

Outrage! No, actually, it’s mostly just spin designed to generate outrage. The two are factually and intellectually different.

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