April Fool's stories?


So far, this is the one I’ve heard, on my local NPR affiliate:

The names might have been the best part… If I ever get a bird, I’m probably going to name it either “Nina Totenbird” or "Lowest Fight-zes (who is the local dj for the classical music show in the morning).

Anyone else hear some good ones?


This one on Houzz is well done:

They embedded the “3-D Print” feature into every photo.


Ha! It’s basically replicators! I like it!


You’d have to have an account to see it, but DDO (Dungeons and Dragons) has devoted an entire section of their forums to bacon. Threads about bacon armor, bacon’s relevance to the Grease and Burning Hands spells, etc.

DDO had been recruiting players for a Players’ Council over the past several weeks, and judging from the volume of entries in the forums, I suspect this is what they have been up to.


Yes and if you play with the controls, the sizes are really funny - one is the size of the Eiffel Tower. The video they made for it is also great. They put a lot of thought and time into it. Also, i want one.







Is the nerf nuke an April Fool’s day joke, cause that shit looks pretty awesome!

And the Mr. Beard is prettty funny, too.




Sadly appearing on a page with an ad for Hobby Lobby to rub the truth in just a little too hard.


My personal favorite was Sam Adams’ HeliYUM

but I also appreciated the highbrow humo(u)r offered by The Economist.


Just saw this one this morning (a day late, and a dollar short…):

I’m curious how they’ll get the burly kitten socks from getting holes from sharp kitten paws! But clearly, the little bandanna is the best part of that gear… “doesn’t do anything. Looks cute in photos, though.” And that just about sums up modern America right there, folks!


I think possibly that was cooked up by my husband, a (credit) card carrying REI member and kitteh fanatic.


Learn with honor!


well, it was great!

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