Aquarium Goals: The Labyrinth Aquarium


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I ain’t cleaning all that


Cool. Wonder if they can do one shaped like the Atomium in Brussels.


Where is David Bowie?


I wouldn’t feel bad keeping fish in an aquarium like that, but it’s out of my price range.

That said, I don’t think it’s a bad price at all.


Habitrail for goldfish. Cool. Although I wonder if the fish would actually use all the compartments?

Also, just how do you aerate and clean all those sub-tanks? Keeping the parts far from your aerator/filter from getting stagnant would be tricky.


it’s for decorative porpoises only.


I was expecting it to look like the Bog of Eternal Stench.

######Disappointed in BoingBoing!


Any good for cephalopods?

:octopus: Squid goals. :octopus:


That’s what I thought looking at it… I’m wondering how you’re even going to be able to keep it clean at all


The fact that they list this as “novelty item” and don’t mention any actual details on the aquarium itself (how many liters, what type of filter, heating, lighting, how to clean, etc.), makes me feel that “Opulent Items” doesn’t really care about animal well-being as much as making something that looks neat.

6500 dollars will buy you one hell of an aquarium that’s actually maintainable and won’t kill your fish.


Yes! Once I saw the other aquarium they have for sale I realized they don’t care about the fish at all.


I’ve long had had an irrational desire for one of these. I know it will probably disappoint me should I ever get one. It’s probably not fun to keep this maintained. But I want it.


For $6500, the damn fish can learn to clean it themselves.


Start with a couple of these.


As others have said. I can’t imagine cleaning this would be easy, but also if you needed to remove fish from the aquarium it may not be easy either. I don’t think it looks particularly all that nice, sort of seems a bit tacky to me.


$6500 will buy a lot of visits to any aquarium in the world.


Or go towards a better way to spy on fish:


came here to say this.


Where do you put the weed?