3 awesomely random items you can get in the Boing Boing Store


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I’m guessing that, due to the small size and apparent lack of moving water/aeration, that fish tank can only humanely accommodate bettas. I see no mention of that on the store page, though.


This detailed review says size wise only a betta, but that actually the pump causes too much water action:



That review pretty well confirms what I suspected: too good to be true, and most likely a gimmicky piece of junk.


The “octopus” hat looks to be the same one they (boingboing.net) linked to on Amazon a while back.

Which is very comfortable, btw.


3 awesomely random items you can get in the Boing Boing Store

A big improvement on the usual hilariously overpriced apple accessories for sure.
More like this please.


Being someone who keeps tropical fish that claim immediately rung warning bells for me.

But a betta, yes that’ll easily work for that, Bettas could probably thrive fairly well in that tank with no filter whatsoever, They breath air* so can tolerate less than ideal water fairly well.

*I have had a case where one has gotten stuck in rocks and actually drowned… Explaining to someone your fish drowned is a bit embarrassing :wink:


“Awesomely random?” Somebody delegated copywriting to their daughter in middle school?


Did your site get hijacked by a troll that is trying to push drug paraphilia to the unsuspecting public?


You say that as if the BB Store trying to hawk vaporizers etc. isn’t a regular occurrence.

Also: “unsuspecting?” Do you really think that someone would buy the “Very Happy Kit” and not know exactly what it’s for?

I’m ambivalent about the whole “should marijuana be legalized or just decriminalized?” question, but I think that calling out this particular sale as “pushing drug paraphernalia” is a little bit much.


Well, it’s good to see BB dropping all pretense of marijuana as legitimate therapy for various ailments. Nope, it’s for blazing up and getting lit.


It’s all good on the West Coast (or whenever it is legal in Cali)…


image source equals whynotboth.jpg


Typo of the day! Also, Band Name!


Here’s another quote from the proper review of the aquarium:

Now, let’s talk about a couple of major issues I have found with the filtration. First of all, the EcoCube’s water pump creates an immense amount of flow in such a small environment. Far too much flow for a Betta, the only fish you should put in an aquarium this size. It will essentially create a whirlpool inside the aquarium. The pump itself should be adjustable but for some inexcusable reason, it isn’t. I tried purchasing a pump from a different company which was adjustable but nothing I could find would fit. So the way I managed to slow down the flow was attaching a piece of sponge over the outlet. This makes it usable but the sponge clogs itself up and needs to be cleaned every few days. Needless to say, for a two gallon aquarium that costs over $100, this is completely unacceptable. The water pump needs to be adjustable. In the future, I may try diverting the flow in a different way, but I am shocked that the designer’s allowed such an obvious flaw to make it to production.

  1. It’s not suited for any fish out of the box.
  2. It has a carbon and mechanic filter hidden that you have to switch
  3. Can you please stop selling this product


Not a typo. Auto-correct induced error ;-).

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