Archibishop of St Louis says Girl Scout Cookies encourage sin


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This is the one to use here…


Cause they’re sinfully delicious?



This just reminds me of my personal definition for fundamentalism.

Fundamentalism (n). The deep, dark, haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be… enjoying themselves.


Well all this does in make me want to go buy some girl scout cookies even more. Mmmm sin.


Ah, good point. My conscience tells me a high ranking member of an organization dedicated to protecting child rapists has nothing of relevance to say unless it’s “Please forgive me for supporting this organization. I have no excuse, and resign.”


The Archbishop probably says the same to his priests, but includes, “if you have one,” at the end of the sentence.


Those priests “sentences” aren’t nearly long enough. 25 to life seems appropriate.


I would have thought the only sin to be attributed to girl scout cookies would be that of gluttony.




Headline: Representative of Organization that Possesses Nazi Gold and Refuses to Give it Back to Jews Somehow Believes He Has The Moral High Ground.


Boy Scout popcorn is fine, though, as that organization has a long history of homophobia, as well as doing its small part to sustain the patriarchy and the military industrial complex. You know, family values!



Yeah. I’m an Eagle Scout. If I ever have a boy, I wouldn’t encourage him to go into the BSA unless they really shape up their act. Atheist scouts aren’t welcome. That’s fucking stupid.


I’m a former boy scout myself. While I heard they finally softened their stance on homosexuals slightly, it’s at least a decade and a half after one could reasonably have expected them to, and they’ve still got plenty of problems. At this point it’d be more efficient to just dismantle the entire organization and start from scratch.

Meanwhile, as far as I know, the Girl Scouts haven’t done anything wrong except possibly making people slightly fatter. I kind of wish I’d joined them instead when I was a kid- from what I’ve heard, they might have allowed it!


So, sacramental wine does not pair with any girl scout cookies. Fair enough.

Is this where I confess?

Some religious organisations are using trans panic as a wedge against the girl scouts and while I’m sure they’re entirely sincere in their hatred of trans women/girls, I think the more serious issue for them is that the Girl Scouts might be succeeding in empowering the future leaders of tomorrow. And those leaders will have girl cooties.

This just makes (vegan!!) thin mints all the sweeter.


In our den, I tell the parents the religious achievement is something they can do on their own. I think at the local level, it isn’t as strict, but I think it is kind of a don’t ask/don’t tell kind of thing, unfortunately.


That’s typically how it goes. If my fundie dad wasn’t on the hike, then we didn’t bother doing chapel service Sunday morning out on the trail.

Why waste all that time telling the supposed creator of the universe how awesome he is when we could just enjoy that universe instead.