Archie comics CEO being sued for calling employees "penis"




My, she sounds like an awful person. Not least because this story is going to give all those “Men’s Rights” guys something to whine about for months to come.


Sexism is pretty weird!


But has this been reported in a newspaper yet?


I seriously thought this was an Onion article at first.


I wonder how annoyed people at the Onion get when they didn’t think of something as absurd as this first?


I’d check the archives: they usually scoop real news by about two years.


So, wait a minute. You’re grousing about this because it will give all those “men’s rights guys something to whine about for months to come”? It sounds a lot like you’re someone who is sexist. Unless you think that neither gender should complain about sexism, which is ridiculous because it obviously exists, and needs to be addressed.


Yeah, I wouldn’t take the NY Daily News as any sort of authority on this. They’re a little like the US version of the Daily Mail, and the salacious insanity of the story gives me pause.

It might be true, though. And if it is…oy. Lady sounds a few forks short of a dinner set. And the entitled fall out is going to be awful. This doesn’t sound like a great environment to work for, and with all the penises being thrown around, there’d probably be grounds for a sexual harassment suit, regardless of any presumed “discrimination.”

EDIT: Oh, I see the goofballs are already on this thread in full force, so I expect this to go south any minute now…


hum, you realize that if you had said "This guy is an awful person it will give those “female rights” persons something to whine about for months to come. " it would sound horrible, right?

Why is it somehow bad that those persons exposed her abuse?


It’s gotten a fair amount of coverage in local Westchester news media. In part because she was running for mayor in the town of Rye, where she lives. (Archie is based in Mamaroneck, another town in Westchester.) It’s a pretty old story actually, but bizarre enough that it pops back up from time to time.


With major characters named “Moose” and “Jughead,” this was bound to happen eventually.


Ive seen reports about it before.

Its still really really weird, from everyone you could expect something like this to come out of, the ARCHIE publishers are the last place I would expect it.

Some of the details about the case are simply ridiculous, bringing bikers to work to scare the employees?


It sounds like the MR crowd has come out against your post… take cover.


Why, yes. Yes it would. But in practice the “men’s rights” movement is only slightly less cringe-worthy than the “white rights” movement. (And I say that as a white male.)


Don’t marginalize people, even if you find their arguments ludicrous. All sexism is silly, because it’s hating about 50% of the population because of genetics.


I think they have more than two web sites, but you’ve aptly described the guys I was referring to.


Here they come…


Some of the details about the case are simply ridiculous, bringing bikers to work to scare the employees?

The AP story about the 2011-2012 lawsuit against her alleges similar behaviour, though that time it was an ex-NFL player that she brought into the office.

It also contains the same “penis” complaint, as well as harassment complaints from both male and female employees.


Dude, you are belittling people and being sexist yourself.

Yes the “internet” men’s rights activits are crazy kooks, that doesnt mean that all abuse against men is something you should make light of.

A lot of the “internet” “feminist” movement is crazypants as well, that doesnt mean that the feminist movement , the actual one is bogus and should be mocked.
You are being part of the problem by blanketing people.