Archie Roach, musician and activist (1956-2022)

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True, but in this case his family have granted permission for his name and image to be shared.


Ah… Thanks for letting me know.


I was in an art gallery in central Australia, and noticed several of the artist’s names on the labels under the paintings were blanked out. I asked if they were deceased; the staff said they were. I asked if there’s a time limit - does a name re-enter use when talking about that person, maybe many many years later? They got a look on their face like they were trying to explain quantum mechanics to a five-year-old, and said “Yes, but exactly when is … complicated.”

As I understand it, lot of Aboriginal culture is only be taught progressively - you need to be taught some basics before you can hear the next bit, and so on. So the “for public consumption” stuff we get is what they tell young children. Which is mind-boggling, when I think of the depth of that culture.


Good on ya Mark


I’d never heard of the man, nor this song, but it is incredibly beautiful.

Some of the best art comes from deep wounds.

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I have had the privilege of seeing Archie Roach and his performing partner and true love, Ruby Hunter. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say heaven just got a little nicer when these two reunited. If you want to understand the wonder of this man and his life, I suggest you check this speech in our federal parliament by Tony Burke.

PS: The “Like a Version” of him singing ‘Get Up,stand up’ that Mr Burke mentions is well worth checking out. I mentioned his true love’s name because permission was given by her family at the time and wouldn’t expect many here to know her. He used to say she was the best singer songwriter in their house. So check her music out. Given the concerns around ‘sorry business’ I try to minimise their usage of at all possible out of respect.

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