Argument over marijuana leads to hit-and-run

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Don’t do this at home kids…


Is this that “reefer madness” I keep hearing about?


What happened to hanging around the house and having a light snack?


So, uh… the only reason that this post exists is to prompt us to watch a guy get smashed by a car? That seems pretty shitty.


A few thoughts:

  • don’t steal that dude’s weed
  • seems like, based on his cough, he needs to lay off the weed
  • seems like the cars already crashed into each other based on the debris on the ground
  • if you steal someone’s weed, maybe like, leave before they can hit you with the car
  • seems like if they smoked the weed they’d be a bit more chill and things wouldn’t have escalated. maybe they should have just fired up the bong and had a few hits while they talked it out.

I’ll take a pass on watching the video, but… message received: Never argue over pot (of all things) with someone who has immediate access to a large vehicle.

Obvious prediction, that little fucker’s going down.

Second point…with recreational weed selling for sometimes less than $10 a gram in California, is this really something to get that hopped up about (stolen weed, not vehicular assault)?

edited for clarity though it’s still stupid


the lack of empathy in some of the comments here and a lot of comments to that tweet are very discouraging and sad.

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Agree copletely. Faith in humanity back to un-restored.

Seriously. This is horrifying.

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Or anywhere, really. I hope the injury wasn’t as bad as it looked, but it’s entirely possible it was even worse. The only good thing about this story is no one pulled a gun.

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