Arrest warrant issued for disgraced yoga tycoon Bikram Choudhury


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Looks like he’s practicing Downward Spiral.


“he claims in the video above that women are clamoring to pay him $1,000,000 for a single drop of his sperm.”

He might want to call those gals and seal the deal, because it sounds like he could use it.


Maybe he can offer a BOGO to sweeten the deal. (Although I can’t imagine all that hot yoga will do anything positive for your sperm count.)


He must really be sweating this one.


Super sperm like that I bet one dose will do you. You don’t want to get someone double pregnant.


I don’t see the big deal here. So what if he’s on the hook for 6-8 drops of semen? I could produce that much in my sleep!


You’re sure that isn’t urine? You aren’t getting any younger, you know.


It’s that hot mess yoga.


Not if he’s practicing…


Breath in… relax.


I guess that standing on ladies in a room heated to oven-temperatures doesn’t pay what it used to.


This image is so disturbing. I mean, what kind of animal doesn’t set their camera’s white balance when they go inside?



Better? It’s a fill flash*, so if the color of the room light doesn’t match the cool xenon light, it’s hard to color correct because different areas need different correction.

(* observe shadow on wall to the left of his torso)


“Calling women with offers of providing semen” probably isn’t the best idea for a guy who already owes millions of dollars in sexual harassment claims.


The Republican party are already asking him to run.


I feel like this belongs in the <a href=“"target=”_blank">Victory thread.


Fortune favors the bold!


Wow! He could really blow a wad!


I mean it’s “better,” but nothing really will ever make this truly better, will it? Good call on the flash; thank goodness since the iPhone™ has a color-balanced flash such atrocities will never happen again.