Where are Bikram Choudhury's 43 missing supercars


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converted to cash to support his life in exile would be my best guess.


He needed the extra cash to heat the yoga studio to his standards?


He seems nice


Still at the police lab, being gone over for evidence.

They’d heard he’s been hotboxing.


Did they specific how they wanted to extract it?


How does that work, judicially? One woman was awarded (roughly speaking) everything - so if other victims come up later (and I thought there were multiple victims, as is par for the guru course), they will have nothing left to claim?


IANAL, but my understanding is they have a claim; the real issue would be going to trial and getting paid.

It is also important to understand the backstory - she was awarded 6.4M in damages, and he promptly paid bupkis, instead hiding what assets he could and fleeing the country. The seizure of his local assets is an attempt to cover that debt - and since they seem to have been built largely on his name, they are likely worth pennies on the claimed dollar.


The quote from Jalopnik is tonedeaf:

“A former employee of Choudhury, Minakshi Jafa-Bodden, has just won her sexual harassment case against Choudhury, and was awarded by a Los Angeles court pretty much everything the yogi has: his 700 franchises, for example, and, most relevant to us, 43 really expensive cars, including “13 Rolls-Royces, eight Bentleys and three Ferraris,” according to The Daily Mail.”

Restated for emphasis:

“A Los Angeles court convicted Choudhury of sexual harassment. Our sympathies and well wishes go out to Minakshi and her family for having to put up with this situation. We know that nothing can mitigate the emotional toll this took on her. Having said that however we’re really keen to know specifically about the cars she was awarded. What’s up with those!? Did they have white wall tires? Were the Bentleys in good shape? Again, our deepest regards go to Minakshi.”


Actually just looking at his god-awful screaming eagle SHIRT will give you a pretty good idea of what he’s like:


13 Rolls-Royces, eight Bentleys and three Ferraris



Seriously. Everyone knows a real guru only buys Rolls Royces. Preferably at least 80.



Nahhh…I think this shows you what he’s like:

Banana hammock, Rolex, standing on a woman.


The only reason this was on Jalopnik, an auto blog, was because of the cars. Not tone deaf so much as specialized interest.


I was just at a yoga retreat with a great teacher that I really admire, and he boasted that Bikram personally set up his hot yoga room. I was like, what? This guy is friends with Bikram? It really made me wonder about what he’s really like, even though I think the interview says it all.


So, if Donald Trump was into yoga…


two articles about overvalued turds in one day…


If only Trump would leave the country to escape judgement…


From what I’ve read further, a lot of the studios that were paying to be franchises have been changing names and distancing themselves from this tool. Rightly so.
Before my wife and I started going to yoga elsewhere, she went a couple times to a local bikram studio and hated it. She said the instructors were a-holes; and almost as gross as this guy, the studios were carpeted. That’s disgusting.


Something they’ve finally been able to do since Bikram’s well-financed legal bullying claiming enforceable ownership of intellectual property rights to yoga failed.