Article discussion pages missing

On the article about Russia’s population decline, the discussion page just says “The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.” I’ve seen this a few times in the past couple of weeks–don’t recall the other articles, I’m afraid.

There may be a glitch in posts being uploaded. @codinghorror may know more. I have seen it myself, but have not been the one to close the threads.

Edit: I reopened the topic you mentioned. Check and see if it’s working your end.

Yep, that one’s working now. Thanks!

Excellent! If you notice any others, let us know. It’s easy to fix. But hopefully the bug that causes it will get sorted soon.

Hmm, what exactly happened here? I am unclear. The associated article topic exists looks OK to me, and I don’t see any close messages in it?

Going to Russia’s population declined by 7m (5%) between 1992 and 2009 and hitting “Show full post” is bringing up a “There was an error loading that post.” message for me.

Oh I see

is what the first post links to. But the actual article is at

Looks like a quirk of midnight in… some time zone? I can edit the first post.

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Coast Guard rescues man in bubble suit - Boing Boing
Discussion page is missing, @Falcor @codinghorror

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Weird, @jlw deleted it 5 hours ago. Not sure why? I undeleted it.

post was funny in the cms, rob later fixed it.

This page is missing a discussion page as far as I can tell.

The Discuss link at the bottom does a weird two-step loop that just leads back to the original article, and searching for the discussion page amongst BBS itself finds nothing.

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I’ve just now noticed this seems to be a problem with all Kiki Sanford articles. The BBS pages don’t seem to exist, and the Discuss links at the bottom of her articles don’t go anywhere.

This generally means the author doesn’t have an account on BBS as I recall cc: @beschizza @deanputney

I just assumed this was because the author didn’t want a massive climate-denial trollfight.


Aha I remembered. This is because the author does have a bbs account but lacks membership in the group to post new topics to the boing category!

I added her to the guest authors group so this should be fixed for future posts by Dr. Kiki.

Thanks for working this out! I was wondering why I couldn’t reply to anything, AND why there were absolutely no comments generally on my articles this week.

Thank you!!!


This one now says “comments are closed” when you hit the “discuss” link:

We gonna get to whack a few pinatas today, or not?

So because I never go to BB any more I’ve missed out on a load of science posts? I has a sad.

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I would guess that thread auto-closed due to excess un-worked flags. I seem to recall that is a feature of the BBS.

Not the only one with the loop, either.