Artifacts from Our Dystopia


Sometimes I look at something and go, “I wonder what alien archaeologists would think of us.”

The Rules:

  1. Try to post photos you have taken yourself while out and about in the world. (Anyone can go somewhere on the Internet and find 20 things in as many minutes that are signs of the end times.)
  2. Screengrabs are okay, but to be avoided unless you stumbled on something that is begging to be on here, but nothing with content (Tweets, memes, etc.) focus on “artifacts.” (Ads, products, etc.)
  3. Have fun?


Found at Location: A Staples store. Midwestern United States.
Stratigraphic Layer: Anthropocene, Late Retail Period. in a bargain bin beneath copies of Command and Conquer 4, Rise of Nations, and any number of card games, and photo editing software no one has ever heard of.

Notes: Indicates a culture keen on practicing recreational cruelty in training for some sort of accumulation of wealth.


So I can’t find the picture of the “How to Draw your Fursona” book I saw at Michaels, but I did take this at CVS.


Shrine to unknown deity, central Europe, ca. 50 BSH.