The Histomap


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This would be cool on a coffee table if I had one long enough.


Talk about chutzpah. First you note that the print version is worth $150 and then you blithely pirate it. Whooo hoo! FU, copyrighters.

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The post-modern version would be pink noise top to bottom.

The original work is from 1931, meaning that it might not still be protected by copyright (depends on if it was renewed under the laws in place back then). Then there’s the fair use arguments.

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If anybody wants a copy I found something suspiciously similar… (but with 2000 years extra) (I discovered this via another site which features a picture of the chart [blurry for copyright defence] which is what makes me notice it is suspiciously similar to the chart ^^.

‚ÄúVirgil, Horace, and Livy, historians‚ÄĚ: a delightfully odd grouping under that category. Also interesting is the British Empire‚Äôs not going back further: conquest of Ireland, Act of Union, etc. Apparently that East India Company was just an unrelated commercial enterprise!

Well, he covers the Ancient Egyptians, who were an African civilization (According to Herodotus, they had dark skin & hair like wool.)

It may not seem accurate to modern people, but wow - what a wonderful overview of how Eurocentric people saw the world back then! This very view had a whole lot to do with shaping the world we find ourselves in today. It would be arrogant and short-sighted to treat it dismissively, as those who fail to learn from history…

It would be wonderful to make an internet version of this; perhaps a kind of modified wiki. Let people propose and debate highlights the relative influences of each culture.

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Charming in its own way, but would love to see this fully updated to reflect the modern historical consensus, especially The Americas, which are barely alluded to, as mentioned in the OP.

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Alternatively, it could also be interesting to make side-by-side ones that reflect modern disagreement between parts of the world as to how history has progressed, or even the difference between perceptions of the world over time.

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