Histomaps of religion and evolution


It was going so well until 200,000 years ago.

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Can’t help with the religion map (which I would love to see) but for those who like I found this http://www.davidrumsey.com/blog/2012/3/28/timeline-maps which might interest you too. (sorry if this goes against policy, if it does that was not my intent, but you prompted me to investigate and I wanted to share the fruits of my labour)

Clicking through to the eBay listing provides an image of the religious histomap which you can zoom in on and explore. I don’t think you can get the whole image at full resolution though.

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If you put those together, do you get a histomap of revolution?

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I love crap like this.

Now, I’m going to scroll around and look for a neckbeard with an opinion to harass.

Yeah, I noticed that, it goes up to about 2500 BC, It is a great insight, but I ws hoping for something a little more showing. But cheers.

Ah, it’s another Sparks epoch. Last one was, what, 2006 on Cool Tools?

A Cleveland Museum of History mailing list post talks about what would have gone into producing such a map in the 1930s.

Rand McNally published several editions of each histomap over time, though none made many fundamental changes to the maps. New users can only put two links in a post; a Flickr search will do it.

If you like Sparks, you’ll love Emma Willard’s Temple of Time, a woman teaching girls 85 years earlier who kicked Sparks’ ass but whose map is nearly ungooglable because of videogames.

Joseph Päringer’s Gemälde der organischen Natur in ihrer Verbreitung auf der Erde companion is also great, though you may need to go to a museum to read the text on it as they weren’t doing screen-friendly infographics back in the 1820s. New users can only put two links in a post, but the New York Botanical Gardens has a high-res image of it under the translated title Worldwide distribution of organic nature, as a press image for their Darwin Library Show.

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From the histomap:

“THE FUTURE. For the next several thousand years it is improbable that there will be any extensive glaciation or other drastic change in physical living conditions which might bring about a “life crisis” of such severity as to inaugurate further evolution in the anatomical structure of Man. Further, Man has adapted himself to extremes of climate, and can readily migrate to more temperate zones if necessary.”

Gotta love old predictions.

Tweaked the histogram and resized 120% to make the smallest text a bit easier to read.


I have the histomap of religion up in my library…

Actually the flaw is believing that anything has to “inaugurate further evolution in the anatomical structure of Man.” Mutation happens. Some mutations are dominant, and will tend to spread thru the population unless they have negative effects. I wouldn’t be surprised if polydactylism becomes much more common – it’s already more common than we in the developed world realize, because here most 6-fingered kids are surgically reduced to 5 in infancy for social (and compatability-with-mass-production) reasons.

Punctuated equilibrium, people.Unless some subpopulation speciates or something comes along to force selection, it’s all random.

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