Stunning 23-foot wall chart of human history from 1881

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Dare I say it seems a tad too biblical?


I used to have a copy of this poster in the form of a coffee table book from barnes and noble.

It is very similar to charts made by american millenarian christian sects like millerite, adventists and jehovah’s witnesses.

Not the best examples, but here are a few.


If you’ve got access to a large format printer, here are two links I found to very large versions of the image…

This page links to a 20,223 x 2155 pixel version ->

Here is a 10,000 x 4235 pixel version that splits it in half and is essentially the same resolution as the first link ->


The headline is misleading. I was expecting a chart of human history starting in 1881 and going forward. I want my money back.


I’ve got this (the B&N scaled-down version; it is only 15 feet). It is kind of fun. I think it is out of print, but should be available at the usual used book sources.

Thanks, I was going to ask if there was a PDF or something.

Yeah, I love the way histories become historical themselves if you wait long enough. It’s like how maps and globes from ten years ago are just annoyingly wrong, but globes from a hundred years ago are fascinating and reveal more than just the territories.


There’s actually a link in the lower-left corner to download the full-sized image - 80,000 pixels wide or so. It’s in a compressed .sid format so you’ll need to convert to Tiff but it didn’t take me too much time to figure that out. Now, does anybody out there have access to a high quality continuous feed printer that can take paper which is about 2.5 feet wide? (or can recommend a good print-shop online that can do this?)

Oh lordy, I just got flashbacks to Daniel and Revelation seminars. Growing up Adventist was interesting, to say the least.

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Ah cool! Even better resolution.

As to your request, maybe I can whip out a few thousand at work and nobody will notice! There are a couple of these down the hall ->

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nice! I only need one copy, please :slight_smile:

I’m sure no one would notice if you made one for each of us.

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I’m pretty sure I’d have to start selling them to cover for the fact that I’d lose my job… But they can print at like 400 feet per minute, so I could get a lot of them done before I got caught…


Knew it looked familiar- I think I still have that somewhere, now I’ve got to find it!! It’s much more visually interesting than Howard Zinns take on things.

A short time with the Jehovah’s Witnesses in my youth, pretty Adventist like.

The King of the North! The feet of the image! We are so close to the end of all things! Now let’s break for cookies and a bland song.


Yeah, they’re pretty similar, but don’t tell the Adventists that. Actually my mum wanted to set me up with the JW, while I was dating my now husband.

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And don’t tell JWs they are like Adventists. The last thing they want to hear is that they are not special.

An adventist marrying a JW. Just think of all the great nonsensical prophetic micro details you could argue over. Endless conversation!