Artist Andi Schmied pretended to be a billionaire to photograph the views of NYC’s most expensive homes

Wait, are you telling me billionaires don’t have windows that are giant Fresnel lenses? Man, what’s even the point of getting rich inheriting money then?


The image you’re posting about came from Shutterstock (as noted below the image)… not from Schmied. Her images are in her book.


Whether or not it’s fake (and it’s been established that it wasn’t her photo), real estate photography is a game of manipulation.

Forced perspectives and/or super wide angle lenses to make tiny spaces look much larger. Taking a photo of the same room from many angles to make it look like different rooms. Photoshopping flames into fireplaces (my personal “favorite”). Enhancing overall appearance by boosting contrast, manipulating colors, and removing blemishes.

Whenever I see listings for units in my condo complex I’m stunned at the level of manipulation that takes place. A tiny ground floor 500sq ft unit with low ceilings that’s also partially below grade can be made to look bright and palatial simply by using clever angles and photo processing.


Not to mention, light-colored walls, window shades, and floor coverings… and not having a stick of furniture shown, if possible.


Or shown with furniture staged in such a way that photographs great, but would never be usable in any practical sense.


Also… lots of sunlight. Show pics of rooms with beautiful sunlight streaming in.


in order to step foot inside of these buildings

You mean “set foot”. You don’t step your foot, because you don’t step anything. “Step” is an intransitive verb. You just step.

Here’s Paul Brians’s page about this.

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