Artist Andy Goldsworthy builds amazing arrangements from leaves, twigs, flowers, icicles and dirt



One from the archive, I guess.

Anyone in the tri-state area interested in his work should proceed directly to Storm King and enjoy his stone walls there. No mortar, fieldstone, hand laid, and they are amazing.

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Storm King Wall enters a lake on one side…

…comes up out the other.


Random youtube rip of his movie from the early 00’s - I wonder what he’s up to now, in the age of the quadcopter…

I love Goldsworthy’s work, but what he really makes is giant coffee table books. Not all that environmentally friendly.

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I was just shown this documentary in a class this semester–it’s absolutely beautiful. You get the sense that half of his works never even get seen by an audience, he just goes into the countryside and tries things. I kind of want to live his method for myself sometime…


Yes! we have some of his work here in San Francisco.Andy Goldsworthy’s Art in the Presidio

Ha! Whenever me and my SO want to explain something obvious to the other, we cop his, “I work intuitively” line from his documentary Rivers and Tides.

Want. Soo. Haaard.

The de Young courtyard too.


His latest project (that I know of ) is here in Boston – he’s going to build a sort of stone igloo into the hillside of a local sculpture garden that will house huge snowballs.

Fantastic work. I appreciate that he does books because otherwise I would never have gotten to appreciate it.

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