James Brunt arranges beautiful rock mandalas in the wild


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How many of us would be awestruck? How many would get busy kicking those rocks?

And who is in the intersection?


Hiked in Yosemite this last summer w the EnkWife. We were on a trail by a series of ponds and lakes (towards the falls?) and off to the side there was this amazing area where people had built hundreds and hundreds of tiny and not so tiny rock towers. I thought it was a communal thing, kids seeing and doing that kinda thing. None appeared to be kicked down =`M

Also see Andy Goldsworthy.


Thank you, I was trying to remember his name, I recall seeing one of his books years ago and it was kind of mind-blowing.


I don’t know if I’m too keen on people organizing nature. After a while, yet another Inuksuk is just more man-made cultural-appropriating clutter. In places like the Tom Thompson park, made of landfill such as bricks, transient artwork has its place.

(Not me. I can’t be bothered to find and upload one of my pics.)


Check Andy G out on youtube I bet there is all kinds of stuff. the movie/docu art piece Rivers & Tides is excellent. We rented it on DVD from netflix way back when discs were a thing. What’s that you ask whippersnapper? ‘disk?’ well… oh never mind, back to your fondleSlab


agreed, I hate hiking on a nature trail, etc and seeing stacked rocks. that’s not ‘leaving no trace’.


Speaking as an Anthropologist may I point out that attempting to manipulate nature is exactly what humans do, every time.


And they’re welcome to do it in their own backyard.

I don’t think El Capitan would be improved by a giant mural, no matter how nice.


I prefer a cairn to a red arrow painted on a tree.

I only build mine below bank full width of a creek though, no fun unless they can get washed away next storm!



Eventually, the trail almost disappears (follow the cairns).

I don’t intend to be a jerk, but not all piles of rocks, especially not the ones at El Capitan, are self-serving and there to disrupt you!


Usually cairns are only for when there are no trees, for example, above tree-line.

Or at least that’s where they’re supposed to be used. I think a lot of non-hikers and camping dilettantes see cairns and think “cool, let’s make one too!” and suddenly there are cairns everywhere, not just indicating the trail.


Do you have a handy questionaire we could fill in? Maybe one that would plot us on some sort of graph?



Though this guy’s work is a cut way above the rest, 99.9% of rock stacking is like spitting in a church to me.


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