Place a rock on top of another rock, go to jail: Boulder cops


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Clearly the ticket should have been for violating the law of gravity.


The clue’s in the name, surely?


“I think you’re a weirdo. I’m a cop. I get to order you to stop being a weirdo.”

-Every high school bully’s dream everywhere.


I encourage every one to mail a small flat rock to the Boulder Police Department.

I believe can just write the address and attach the postage directly to the rock.

I would be funny to send thousands of rocks their police station.


Boulder, CO municipal code 5-4-8:

No person shall roll, throw, or otherwise move any rocks or boulders on any public property. But this section does not apply to city employees acting within the scope of their employment.

Be very careful not to kick any gravel when walking down the sidewalk. The Boulder police seem to be very insecure about that sort of thing.


The down side if we do legalize drugs, is more of this dumb shit.


If the issue is destruction of public property then use your own rocks. Let the police try to figure out which rocks are yours and which are the public’s.


I don’t know if he’s still around, but on the Potomac River canyon just upstream of DC there was The Naked Guy who would build epic stone walls on the rocky islands that are underwater half the year.


“He has ordered the police to NOT cite rock balancing under the city codes i mentioned below”

This sounds like a suspiciously specific denial

What other city codes will the cops now rely on to cite him, I wonder?


Yeah, now try balancing logs down in Woodland and see what happens.


Seems like a clear case of state-imposed religion.

“As for what you see here, the time will come when not one stone will be left on another; every one of them will be thrown down.”
—Luke 21:6


They’re touchy about rocks in Boulder.


Naked Ned; last I heard he’s still around.


Pffft. Boulder’s boulder builder has nothing on DC. He isn’t even naked.


The real story here is that a man was threatened with a ticket – not arrested, not detained, not even actually ticketed – and received a personal phone call from the City Attorney apologizing. One more datapoint for what life is like in America – when you’re white.


Also for removing a rock from another rock:


Some friends and I used to have a regular summer gathering at a house rented near a stream, where we would do the things like stack rocks on one another. The last year we did this, the owner of the place freaked out about the “satanic rock stacking” and insisted someone drive out there (rural mid-state NY) and clean it up. This is why we changed locations.


how do we know he’s white?


Google confirms this. Besides, if a cop came across a black guy holding a rock the artist would be facing weapons charges (assuming he wasn’t shot on sight).